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Club / Team

We're often asked if our sites can be used by single sports or club teams, and the answer is yes! We're happy to talk with you about your specific needs and how we can meet them. And we don't just offer a partial or “dumbed down” version; smaller programs get the same full featured site as full athletic departments:

  • No generic templates, we custom design your site with your colors and logo.
  • Complete sections for every team: schedule, roster, announcement, photo and video galleries, and ability to feature Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • Email updates: anyone can sign up to be automatically notified of changes to their favorite sports.
  • Fundraising opportunities through our Sponsors feature and also the online store.
  • Simple site management by any user you create, through an easy to use admin section.
  • Complete online store with a 10% give-back, offering sportswear & fan gear with your logo. It's open year round, 24/7, and can even feature uniforms and customized school/team gear.
  • And yes, all completely free! There is no catch, your site is supported by the online store. We're that confident folks will love our quality, custom made gear.

Check out one of our current Club / Team Sites

Website Features

  • Custom Design
  • Scheduling
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Post Photos & Videos

  • Email Updates
  • Fundraising
  • Online Store
  • Completely Free!

We know how important fundraising can be to athletic programs, so we offer two great ways to generate funds. Your Sponsors section allows you to feature as many sponsors as you'd like on your site, in a rotating graphic and dedicated sponsors page. You control that section and keep all proceeds. You can also feature custom gear in your online store that generates a cash fundraiser. With our selection of apparel and full service screen printing, the possibilities are almost endless! We know the many challenges athletic programs face today, and we're here to help.

Online Store

Our sites come equipped with a state-of-the-art online store. Top quality gear embroidered with your actual logo, and every piece is custom made to order and available year round, 24/7/365. We take care of everything: orders, payment, production, shipping and returns. Anyone can order just one item, and we have a great selection of sportwear, fan gear and P.E. style workout clothes. The store comes with a 10% give-back program, and you can even create fundraisers through custom gear or uniforms. We handle everything so you don't have to!


One of the best features of our online store is the ability to offer customized uniforms right in the store. If you have specific PE gear that everyone is required to wear, we can work with you to create just the right PE section, including custom logos on all items.

If you have required school uniform pieces (polos, sweatshirts, etc), we can offer those online as well. We custom make all items to order and streamline the whole process online: orders, payment, shipping and returns. And all pieces are available year round, 24/7, for everyone who needs them. We handle everything so you don't have to!